We provide comprehensive analysis in the following areas:

Operation Deflection Shape (ODS)
Reveals a structure's actual motion during operation.

Multi Channel Phase Analysis
Obtaining  data over simultaneous channels.

Bump (Resonance) Testing
Reveals structural resonance frequencies while the machine is in a static state.

Trouble Shooting
In depth vibration analysis on rotating equipment and structures to determine source of vibration.

Hull Survey
A non-invasive vibration survey of hull structure.

Engine Fuel Pulsation Survey
Measuring fuel pulsation directly from the engine to determine the affect these have on attached components, such as fuel lines, flow meters, QCV, etc.

Fuel Flow Meter Vibration
Flow meter are susceptible to vibratory responses that can negatively impact the longevity of the flow meters. CAC has devised means to mitigate these negative impacts and the role they play on these components. CAC has a patent design for a Coriolis device to affect vibration isolation.