• Expert web-enabled off-site analysis
  • Determine from the opening screen “what is wrong and what needs to be done”
  • Identify the machines that most need maintenance with customized reports
  • Prioritize what machinery is critical to the mission at hand
  • Take appropriate action and report these actions directly using the portal
  • Integrate results posted to the portal with your fleet management software
  • Anywhere anytime access to completed survey reports from individual vessels or the entire fleet
  • Instant access to all historical records and machine trends
  • Benefit from our unique database of thousands of machine performance results collected over 30 years
  • Compiled and managed by the industry leader in shipboard vibration condition monitoring
CAC DECISION POINT® is an interactive web-based reporting portal. It has been designed to present you with the information you need to make the best decision, whether you’re in port or at sea. The portal stores and sorts our expert analysis, recommendations and data on all of the ships in your fleet. Isolate a single machine or examine all the machines in your fleet. Any additional analysis and advice are always an email away. CAC DECISION POINT® is a free benefit available to any CAC client. It is an interactive tool which enables you to take ownership of the data you have.