White Paper "Considerations for Classification Societies With Respect to Vibration Condition Monitoring (VCM)"

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CAC's President John K McNeil and Senior Engineer Dr. Maryon J Williams, PE Phd have published a white paper entitled "Considerations for Classification Societies With Respect to Vibration Condition Monitoring (VCM)". The paper is intended to provide IACS members with imformation on shipboard vibration condition (VCM) based on CAC's 30 years in the maritime industry. 

The purpose of the paper is to identify the problem areas that face the industry in adopting the technology and ways that the Classification Societies might encourage shipowners to participate to the mutual benefit of everyone involved. 

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Vibration Condition Monitoring is a subset of the broader process of Condition Based Maintenance (CBM). CBM is a strategy rooted in applied scientific inquiry and resulting in empirical evidence of machine performance. Our focus is on the sub-practice of Vibration Condition Monitoring (VCM). There are benefits to performing other CBM techniques, however in our experience the specific technique of VCM is most effective in achieving the dual goals of reliable machine performance and cost-effective maintenance.

Successful Vibration Condition Monitoring (VCM) programs are characterized by careful implementation. Several areas of practice or approach critical to realizing the benefit of VCM are identified. Incentives Classification Societies could offer to increase quality and expand the use of VCM are explored, including uniform data standards, operating guidelines, and adjustments to mandatory opening practices supported by VCM data. Business benefits of VCM programs are identified. Considerations for industry and class cooperation and collaboration are addressed.